A Dream Is A Wish…

First off let me say, Happy New Year! I hope all your festivities went well and you aren’t too smashed today.

It’s a new year. 365 days to do whatever you wanted, to dream up new things and go new places and meet new people. A time to experience things you’ve never gotten to before.

But the new year is never that way, is it?

So what holds is back? What keeps us peeking over the edge of possibility, but never really taking the jump? We all act and think like we loved the wind in our hair, that we can spread our arms wide and feel the power of the world circling through our veins, but at the slightest hint of tipping over the edge, we freak and crawl back to that pocket of perfection that we’ve fabricated in the depths of our minds.

Our generation is a bored one. We sit around and complain about having nothing to do, when we hold some of the greatest technology our world has seen in our hands. We have planes, trains and automobiles that can take us to places in the blink of an eye. And yet we still are wasting away as time steals our experiences from under our noses.

We all have dreams right? We all have secret desires that race through our head in the dark of the night, driven by our beating hearts to cross the finish line. But we’re scared and the race seems to stretch on forever. We run out of breath and out of fight and we give up before we ever get to finish.

It’s 2014, and the time is now. Take that trip, meet that person, do that activity. Don’t let time hold you back from living life to it’s full potential.

The world is lying at your feet beckoning you to do what you’ve never done before. Close your eyes, bring your feet to the edge, and jump.



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